Book: Tribe- On home coming and belonging

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“Humans don’t mind hardship, in fact they thrive on it; what they mind is not feeling necessary. Modern society has perfected the art of making people not feel necessary. It’s time for that to end.”   A fascinating exploration of how some of the true causes of stress in the military and society at large is actually due to losing a real sense of belonging.

Natural Hierarchy

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“To distribute power and leadership in organizations, we need to acknowledge their existence first.” A nice reality check by Francesca Pick  on the actual realities of “emergent organizations” and their dynamic, albeit very present, power dynamics.  

Start up Communities

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A beautifully written piece by Alexa Gray on the land based communities movement… including some of its history, challenges and drivers. Remarkably honest and unbiased.

Marisis and Evelith – Saying Yes to Death

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  I am sitting at the base of a cork oak tree in southern Portugal. Dry, decaying brambles surround me, and the sun is being, as usual, unabashedly himself. It is equinox, when the sun and moon are at equal strength, when our internal and external energies are nudged violently towards balance, and when Gaia herself provides a portal into the dimensions beyond duality. So. Here’s the particular binary I’ve pinched myself between. If I go and find my way into sexual erotic connection of my own free choice, I am likely to be killed and possibly tortured for it, if …

Community building

Home & Exile — Building community one shit-explosion at a time

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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” — Rumi My heart is melting in the Portuguese sun. Liquifying into something pourable, drinkable, maybe even sprayable. But right now, it is only the deep and painful transformation of melting that I feel. The butterfly is the entelechy of the caterpillar. The cosmic karmic itch that must be scratched. Or rather, must not be scratched, if one isn’t to keep looping on the same tragic story. Instead, watched. Observed, Vipassana-styles, as the sensation builds, threatens to be unbearable, actually becomes unbearable …