The Global EcoVillage Network

Great resource for finding out about others who are actively pooling resources towards shared living arrangements.


A national non-profit raising awareness of the benefits of cohousing and supporting the development of cohousing communities nationwide. We serve as a connector and clearinghouse to grow and nurture cohousing.

Fellowship for Intentional Community

An organization that publishes a fun magazine delving into the world of intentional communites… as well as a comprehensive communities directory AKA “A guide to intentional communities and co-operative living

National Cooperative Business Association

The oldest not-for-profit cooperative development and trade association in the United States, fostering cooperative and international economic and social development in the United States and abroad.

Edmund Hillary Fellowship

Our mission is to incubate solutions to global problems from New Zealand and make a lasting positive impact on the world.

We created the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF) to serve as a platform to best leverage humankind’s creative potential and entrepreneurial spirit to build new paradigms, and create scalable solutions for the rest of the world. New Zealand is uniquely positioned to capture such potential and become an incubation nation for game-changing innovations.


Platform Cooperativism Consortium

The Platform Cooperativism Consortium (PCC) supports the cooperative platform economy through research, experimentation, education, advocacy, documentation of best practices, technical support, the coordination of funding, and events.

Built upon the concept of platform cooperativism, the Consortium is anchored in collective ownership, democratic governance, a decisive commitment to the global commons, inventive unions, social justice, as well as ecological and social sustainability.

Contributors from academia, platform co-op enterprises, independent software developers, artists, designers, lawyers, activists, publishing outlets, and funders, respond to genuine needs in the digital economy.

Global Trust Education Network

GTEN is a private not-for-profit trust organization comprised of a network of individuals serving the common good through trusteeship of private and charitable trusts organized for educational, literary, scientific and spiritual purposes, to lessen the burden of governments, to defend and promote rights and freedom, and to actively assist in the sound, sustainable, enlightened evolution of mankind for a world that works for all life. The collective expertise of the network of individuals comprising the Global Trust Education Network is shared with members through online webinars, selected reading materials and trust formation documents.